IT Inventory Management System

Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

About IT-IMS

The IT-IMS is the IT Inventory Management System developed by IT Cell of IT&GIS Discipline, FRI to manage the inventory of IT assets and complain management of the IT assets. It enables users to track the records of IT assets for its location and possession, working status, life span, raising complain for rectification and other features related to inventory. At a given point of time users (employee of FRI) can track the information on IT equipments issued in their name and lodging complaints for the rectification of problem related to hardware and functioning of the equipments on day to day basis. Thus, the IT-IMS keeps records of IT inventory and the services provided to individual equipment at a given point of time.

Head of the divisions can generate demand of IT items for fulfilling the needs of respective divisions which could be monitored by the competent authority for assessing fund allocation for fulfilling the demands.

The IMS will also assist in generating inventory of condemnable/E-Waste items for E-waste handling as per the guidelines of E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016.

Employees can generate the list of IT items issued to them after logging into the IMS through IT Inventory and generate report of IT assets with them. The generated report could be sent to Store-Officer, IT Cell, FRI for the issuing of “No dues” related to IT, as and when required.

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